The Titou

The Titou bears measure between 6.5 and 10.5 cm (2,5 inches and 4,13 inches) and most can be worn as brooches or simply placed as decoration.

They are all made by hand, with patience and love. They are all different and therefore unique.

Although small, the Titou bears are in no way inferior to the big bears. Their eyes are glass, their nose is embroidered, and the joints of their limbs and head are like those of old-fashioned bigs bears, discs and pins.

The furs can be mohair, alpaca, viscose or other textiles but they are all stuffed with carded wool donated by happy sheeps living nearby.

Some Titou bears have a pin attachment. Others don't. This can be added if the morphology of the animal allows it.

For an additional 5 euros, it is also possible to add natural stone beads on the chakras. You just have to request it.

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