Your bear must be restored ?

How much does a restoration cost?

I create unique pieces and I also heal wounds left by time, forgetfulness or too much love.
My story come together with many other stories of which the bears remain the only witnesses or the revealers.
I make every effort to respect the uniqueness of each bear that passes through my hands. There are streaks that don’t fade, like rips and discoloration, but that’s like our wrinkles and white hair. It tells us.

Each restoration requires a precise assessment of the materials and techniques used. Sometimes it takes a little research to find the bear’s original look.
Anything can be replaced as long as you respect the original condition of the plush.

Many bears have lost an eye, or both. I do my best to find those who will restore the bear to its original gaze.
The truffle is also an element that disappears over time. It is therefore necessary to find for each individual his reference model to reconstitute the shape corresponding to his brand and his time.
The soles and palms also pay a heavy price for repeated cuddling. There is always a material similar in appearance and quality to the original.
Other repairs relate to tears, loss of material affecting the volume of the bear.
Sometimes it is necessary to change the joints or, again, to reconstitute a missing limb.
It is almost impossible to find identical fur which, even if I had some in stock, would not have aged in the same way. However, in the diversity of existing materials and, if necessary, by shortening, depilating or coloring the new fur, it is possible to fill in the important gaps.

I have been contacted several times to restore cuddly toys, however I prefer to stick to the restoration of ancient articulated bears.
Sometimes I get convinced to repair a blanket that holds a very important place in the heart of its owner, but it’s a little different job. Indeed, the quality of this object, whose shape is generally simple, is essentially due to the texture of the fabric that it is made of and which deteriorates much more, the use not being quite the same as with a traditional bear.

The bears shown here are not for sale. Found, recovered, saved, they illustrate my way of approaching and carrying out restoration.

How old bears find a little youthful air.